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Growing Healthy Peas?

A cool season favourite, peas are great whether they are eaten raw or cooked up in an Asian stir-fry. Both snow peas and garden peas are delicious, have similar growing requirements and are easy to grow. They are the ultimate winter treat.

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With the onset of winter, we sometimes need a kick start to get out in the garden. The vibrant shades of the hardy Kalanchoe make them the perfect winter warmer.
Kalanchoes are some of the prettiest bushy succulents around. Kalanchoes are the ultimate winter plant, whether in garden beds or continue...
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Now! is also a great time to fertilize your lawn.

Time to spray lawns for weeds e.g. “Buffalo Master”, Yates “Bindii & Clover Weeder” or for those hard to kill weeds “Dicamba-m” Selective Herbicide. For best results spray in the cool of the evening. Tips And Advice 08