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Our friendly team can help you find the most appropriate plants to suite any environment and offer great advice to take care of them.

Winter Garden Ideas - Sungrown Nursery Plant Toowoomba
Recipes 01 - Char Grilled Vegetable Salad


Sungrown Nursery Recipes Char Grilled Vegetable Salad, Fish Florentine


“Bring in your 1 litre bottle of Grow Bio-Organic Sustainable solution and receive a refill for a fraction of the original price, Enjoy a 100% organic, environment friendly complete balance of nutrients – all you need to grow naturally for you and your family’s wellbeing. Outstanding results on all fruits, vegies, lawns, trees, herbs and flowers. Plant and soil friendly microbes.”

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Growing Strawberries At Home - Fruits Garden Toowoomba

Growing Strawberries

There’s nothing better than the sweet flavour of home-grown strawberries! Loved by children and adults alike, it’s little wonder this easy-to-grow groundcover is among the most popular food crops in Australian home gardens.