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    ROSE list 2020/21   17 Prescott Street, Toowoomba.  Phone: 07 4639 1635
30 Abracadabra 10 Admiral Rodney p 10 Adorable 10 BLushing Pierre De Ronsard
10 Aguster Luise   Alec's Red r 10 Black Caviar 10 Florentina *
10 Ashram 20 Bewitched p 10 Black Forest Rose 30 Kiss Me Kate
  Athena * 10 Big Purple p 30 Bold Seduction 20 Pierre de Ronsard
10 Barbra Streisand   Blavk Valvet r 20 Brilliant Pink Iceberg 10 Smooth Velvet
10 Beautiful Girl 40 Blue Moon m 10 Burgundy Iceberg 10 Red Pierre
20 Blackberry Nip 10 Candy Stripe bi 10 Carefree Wonder    
10 Dark Desire 10 Charles De Gaulle m 10 Daybreaker *   GENERAL CLIMBERS
10 Diana Princess of Wales 10 Chicago Peace bi   Double Pink Knock Out   Banksia Rose (140mm pots)
10 Fearless 40 Double Delight bi 20 Double Knock out   Dorothy Perkins                    (140mm)
10 Fire & Ice   Duet p 10 Ebb Tide 10 Dublin Bay
20 Grandma's Rose 10 Eiffel Tower p 10 Fairytale Magic 10 Gold Bunny (climbing)
10 Grandpa's Rose 20 Ekstase r   Fire Opal 10 Iceberg
20 Heaven Scent 10 Emely w   Flemington Racecourse 10 Manita
10 Ice Girl 10  fairytale queen p   Fruity Parfuma   Peal Dior                              (140mm)
10 Magma 20 Fragrant Cloud r 10 Golden Eye   Pink Cascade                       (140mm)
20 The Mandalay Rose   Fragrant Charm r 10 It's Magic 30 Pinkie     
10 Madame Anisette 10 Fragrant Plum m 10 No Surrender   Red Cascade                        (140mm)
10 Moon Glow 10 Gina Lollobrigida y 10 Origami    
10 Moonstone 20 Glorious y 20 Scentimental   MINIATURE
30 Perfume Passion 10 Gold Metal y 40 Seduction 10 Little Sunset
50 Pope John Paul 11                  10 Granada * bi 10 Soul Mate    
10 Princess Charlene De Monaco 20 Happy Anniversary r 20 Soul Sister   GROUND COVER
  Red Giant 20 Harry Wheatcroft bi 20 Star Burst   Many Happy Returns
10 Remember Me 10 Helmut Schmidt y 10 Tallulah   Our Rosy Carpet
10 Shirley's Rose 10 Ingrid Bergman r       Fower Carpet- scarlet, pink, white,
10 Smooth Ruby Red 10 Joyfulness bi   GENERAL FLORIBUNDA     amber, apple blossom (140mm pots)
10 Smooth Silver Moon 30 Just Joey y 20 Angel Face    
10 Sugar Moon 10 Karen Blixen w 20 Blushing Pink Iceberg   STANDARD FRENCH ROSES
10 Summer Fragrance   Lorraine Lee * p 10 Cathedral City 10 Belle Parfum
  Summer Of Love 20 Loving Memory r   Cecile Brunner 140mm pots 10 Belle du Seigneur
10 Sunny Sky   Memoire w 30 Friesia 5 Camille Pissarro
20 Unconventional Lady 50 Mr Lincoln r 10 Gold Bunny 10 Chartreuse de Parme
10 Violina 10 Oklahoma     r 10 Hot Chocolate 10 Henri Mattise
    20 Old Fragrance p 70 Iceberg 10 Le Vien en Rose
  SUPPORTING FOUNDATIONS 10 Our Copper Queen y 20 La Sevillana 5 Parfum de Paris
  HYBRID TEA ROSES 30 Papa Meilland r 10 Oranges 'N' Lemons    
20 Best Friend 10 Paradise p 10 Perfume Perfection   STANDARD DAVID AUSTIN
10 Daniel Morcombe Rose           30 Parole p 10 Sally Holmes  5 Boscobel
10 Earth Goddess 20 Peace bi   Sea Foam 10 Munsteat Wood
30 Father's Love 20 Perfume Delight p 10 Woburn Abbey 15 Olivia Rose
10 Fiona's Wish                          10 Peter Frankenfeld p        
50 Firefighter 10 Poetry p   FRENCH ROSES    STANDARD HYBRID TEA 
  Guardian Angel                     20 Princess of Monaco bi 10 Belle du Seigneur 5 Abracadabra
30 Mother and Child                 10 Pure Bliss bi 30 Belle Parfum 5 Just Joey
30 Mother and Daughter            20 Queen Elizabeth p 10 Blue Emotion    
50 Mother's Love 10 Royal Highness p 10 Camille Pissarro   NEWER STANDARDS FLORIBUNDA
10 Outback Angel                     10 St. Patrick y 20 Chartreuse de Parme 10 Black Forest Rose
  Peter Brock 10 Shocking Blue m 10 Claude Monet 10 Brilliant Pink Iceberg
10 Sweet Memory                      20 The Chidren's Rose p 20 Coeur de Neige 5 Burgundy & White Iceberg
20 Thank You Rose 20 Valencia   y 20 Cote D Azure 10 Flower Carpet Pink
30 The RSL Rose                        10 Vol de Nuit     m 20 Dioressence 10 Flower Carpet Red
30 Unconventional Lady       5 Dune 5 Peach Profusion
10 We Will Remember Them          DAVID AUSTIN ROSES     Edga Degas 30 Seduction
    10 A Shropshire Lad   20 Grand Siecle    
  FLORIBUNDA ROSES 10 Charles Darwin *   10 Henri Mattise 20 Blushing Pink Iceberg
30 Betty Cuthbert 10 Claire Austin        Le Vien en Rose 10 Friesia
10 Dolly's Rose 10 Desdemona   10 Madame Delbard 50 Iceberg
20 Gallipoli Centenary Rose 10 Golden Celebration   10 Mitsouko 5 La Sevillana
10 Jane McGrath 10 Graham Thomas   10 Nahema 10 Flower Carpet Pink
  SACWA                                 20 Jude the Obscure     Papi Debard 10 Flower Carpet Red
20 Slim Dusty 20 Lady Of Shalott   20 Parfum de Paris    
  The RSL Rose                        10 Mary Rose   10 Paul Cezanne   PATIO 60cm STANDARD
  Winks 10 Munstead Wood   10 Pink Intuition 5 Abracadabra
    10 Pat Austin *   20 PS I Love You 5 Angel Face
  OLD WORLD 10 Princess Alexandra Of Kent   20 Red Intuition 5 Coco
  Crepuscule 10 Strawberry Hill   10  Soeur Emmanuelle 5 Purple Rain
  Perle d'or 20 The Poet's Wife   10 Souvenir de Louis Amade 5 Bonica
10 Reine Des Violettes * 10 Winchester Cathedral   20 Souvenir de Marcel Proust    
10 Zephirine Drouhin             WEEPING STANDARDS (6ft)
      r = red     HERITAGE ROSES 2 Crepuscule
      p = pink   10 Reine Des Violettes 2 Little Wonder
      bi = bi colour   10 Zephirine Drouhin 4 Pierre De Ronsard *
      w = white       2 Renae
      m = mauve       2 Sea Foam 




Do not use any artificial fertilizers at initial planting time, but the addition of old well-rotted animal manures with a small amount of blood and bone well dug in is beneficial.  Once the roses are established they like a rich diet.  That means the addition of plenty of organic matter such as old manures (with the addition of Sulphate of Potash to increase flowering),  All in 1 organic manure or Organic Plus but you can frequently alternate organic fertilizers with ‘balanced’ chemical products such as Richgro Rose Fertiliser in early Spring, the middle of Summer and early Autumn.  For a quick pick-me-up, use a foliar fertilizer like Thrive or Aquasol every two weeks.


BLACK SPOT:  Probably the most troublesome disease, black spot cannot be cured,

so a preventable spraying program is necessary.  Immediately after winter pruning, spray the roses and surrounding ground with Lime Sulphur then two weeks later with Copper Oxychloride.  In  early Spring, when good growth commences, start spraying thoroughly every 10 days.  The following fungicide sprays are considered effective ~ Triforine, Mancozeb Plus and Rose Shield.

REMEMBER: Don’t water foliage late in the evening.

MILDEW:  Mainly effects the young growth and is usually at its worst where night

air is cool and dews are prevalent.  Spray every 10 days with Triforine or Rose Shield.

REMEMBER: Don’t water foliage late in the evening. 

PESTS AND INSECTS:  Aphids, two spotted mite and other sucking insects can be controlled with the following ~ Rogor, Malathon,  Mavrik or Confidor. 

CATERPILLARS AND CHEWING PESTS:  Can be eradicated by using Carbaryl or Pyrethrum.


Occasionally a shoot from the rootstock grows and is known as a “sucker”.  It will come from below the graft.  This growth must be removed immediately as it grows quite vigorously and will completely take over the plant.